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A new generation of Aesthetic laser for a Modern Aesthetic practice

Combining the gold standard wavelength for eliminating vascular abnormalities with the new gold standard for non-ablative resurfacing, the ADVATx allows the provider to treat 25 FDA/CE cleared indications without the use of consumables. One device, multiple stand-alone and combination therapies.

AdvaTx render 23-09-2021_edited.png

Soft Pulsing technology ®

In order to minimize the discomfort and unwanted side effects such as purpura, or other damage to surrounding tissue caused by Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL), or Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL ) ADVATx employs Quasi CW pulsing, delivering individual pulses of energy at a repetition rate of 12 kHz.

As the durations of the individual pulses, as well as the pulse-to-pulse spacings are significantly shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the vessels, the skin perceives the multiple pulses of energy as a single pulse. For example, this means that a 20 ms pulse of energy can be directed at the target, i.e. Veins, without the trauma to the surrounding tissue caused by the significantly larger energy spikes of a PDL.

Simply stated, because of our advanced delivery system, ADVATx allows for all the well-known therapeutic benefits of yellow light, without the undesirable side effects associated with PDL.

It is important to state that the 1319 nm is delivered as continuous wave, allowing for controlled, gradual bulk heating of tissue for optimal fibroblastic proliferation and reduction of sebum production form sebaceous glands.

Pulse Sync Technology ®

(patented pulse synchronization)

  • Two laser cavities (1064 & 1319nm)

  • Q-Switch modulates both wavelengths to generate a train of pulses

  • Pulse trains are synchronized and simultaneously sent through a non-linear crystal (LBO)

  • In the LBO, 1064nm and 1319nm combine to generate 589nm (yellow) light

  • Alternatively, 1319nm may be selected alone

Scanner Hand Piece

Sapphire tip handpiece

Combined with ultrasound gel

Simple and efficient

No sprays or coolants to manage

Enhanced patient comfort

“Cooling” effect of gel on skin

Improved clinical outcomes

Higher fluences

‘’Glide Technique’’


Tradional or Passive Cool tip from the same handpiece

Variety Of Scan Patterns

Variety of scan patterns.png

Ergonomic User Interface

Pre-set parameters based on:

  • Indication

  • Skin type

Fluence, pulse duration and scan patterns auto-set

  • Suggested starting points

  • Easily modified

Safely delegate to a qualified technician

Advanced Mode

  • Parameters set by the practitioner

AdvaTx render 23-09-2021_edited_edited.p
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