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NovoTHOR® – Whole-body Red Light Therapy

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NovoTHOR® is a whole body red light therapy bed that uses red and near-infrared light to, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation.

  • Relieve sources of pain

  • High Performance

  • Stay on your feet

  • Whole-body


What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a treatment that stimulates the body’s natural processes. It is a relaxing treatment that uses a mix of red and near-infrared light—improving circulation and relieving muscular and joint pain.

What is red light therapy used for?

Red light therapy is used to reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. It is typically used by doctors, physical therapists, and pain clinics as a non-invasive treatment with no known side effects.

How often can you use red light therapy?

You can use red light therapy every day. Most people don't see much benefit using it more than once per day. For handheld treatments your practioner will advise you as to your treatment plan.



NovoTHOR is intended to be used for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm; the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and/or the temporary relaxation of muscle.



NovoTHOR is designed and manufactured to comply with international Medical Device and GMP standards. NovoTHOR is a Class II Medical Device and we publish a full list of standards that the NovoTHOR is compliant with.

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