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ELIXIR MD™ – The definitive choice for professional photobiomodulation

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Meet ELIXIR MD™– the definitive choice for professional photobiomodulation. Equipped with the best cutting-edge SMD-LED technologies, ELIXIR MD™ aims to aid physicians in achieving secure, swift, and consistent results in skin health and addressing skin concerns.


It serves as a perfect complement to other aesthetic procedures like fillers, lasers, topicals, and surgical interventions.

ELIXIR MD™ reimagines the concept of skin renewal through the integration of four powerful energies in one device.


ELIXIR MD™ is an FDA-cleared device and is intended to use the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Infrared light therapy regions of the spectrum to emit energy to treat dermatological conditions with multiple stand-alone and combination therapies.


The world’s first FDA Cleared Photobiomodulation device, developed exclusively for physician

The ELIXIR MD™ Difference

We’ve pioneered a major advancement in post-operative healing with ELIXIR MD™. It tackles issues like extended downtime, bruising, and swelling after surgery. ELIXIR MD™ doesn’t just introduce a device; it’s the future of medical photodynamic therapy

ELIXIR MD™ Innovative Physician-Centric Technology Includes:

Advanced Technology:

ELIXIR MD™ employs cutting-edge LED technology that delivers precise wavelengths, allowing for targeted treatments with maximum efficacy.

Wavelength Selection:

ELIXIR MD™ provides a wide range of selectable wavelengths, allowing physicians to target various skin concerns with accuracy and effectiveness.

Customization Options:

The device offers customizable treatment modes, enabling physicians to adjust parameters based on individual patient needs and specific skin conditions.

Intensity Control:

The device offers adjustable intensity levels, ensuring optimal treatment results while considering patient comfort and sensitivity.

Ergonomic Design:

ELIXIR MD™ is ergonomically designed to provide ease of use and enhance the practitioner’s ability to administer treatments efficiently.


Photobiomodulation Device Developed Exclusively For Physicians

ELIXIRMD™ - Cellular Repair™
ELIXIRMD™ - DETOX Treatment ™
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